Color Of Danger


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Color Of Danger by Alexa Verde is a great suspenseful read that is hard to put down. It’s the story of Mari, who has had a really horrible life. Her father physically and emotionally abused her until she was old enough to walk away. As if that wasn’t bad enough, her step-brother, Tony, was the serial killer known as the “Smiling Killer”. And to top it all off, Mari is responsible for his dying in a log cabin fire.

Although Mari presents to the world a tough as nails persona, inside she’s not as tough as she seems. She feels responsible for her murderous step-brother, because she didn’t figure out he was the serial killer in time to prevent innocent deaths. And she also feels guilt at being responsible for her step-brothers death. She has built a life in Rios Azules for herself, where she owns a business, has special friends and even owns a dog, Nowa. But the quilt is always present.

Luke, who is a doctor in Dallas, has come to Rios Azules to try to find the murderer of his fiance. Luke feels responsible for his fiance’s death because he wasn’t able to protect her from the “Smiling Killer”. Yes, his fiance was killed by Mari’s step-brother! He is not convinced that Tony was killed in the fire because there has been another murder with the “Smiling Killer’s” signature. He wants to get close to Mari to see if she knows if her step-brother may still be alive. After he meets Mari, he is drawn to her and becomes very protective of her.

What follows is a suspenseful adventure that has many twists and turns. Mari is receiving threats and there is a break-in from the killer. Mari and Luke are determined to solve the murder and to figure out once and for all if Tony died in the fire. Along the way they both begin to heal and forgive themselves. Luke helps Mari return to church and to God.

The writing style flows easily and the book is an easy read. Although this was a Christian suspense, the author did not become preachy. I thought the author blended the two just right.
The characters are well developed and realistic and could be someone you might meet in your everyday life.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a clean suspenseful murder mystery. This is the first book in the Secrets Of Rios Azules series and it was an awesome debut. I am looking forward to the next book in the series to be released, I want to spend more time with all the characters.

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