Lost Under A Ladder

Do you ever cross your fingers when hoping for something, or avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk to avoid something bad from happening? Do you avoid black cats or worry all day on Friday, the thirteenth? If you believe in superstitions, then the town of Destiny is a place you may want to visit. The whole town caters to those visitors who believe in superstitions and many shop owners earn their living from those visitors. Rory Chasen and her black and white dog, Pluckie, visit the town in hopes of learning if walking under a ladder brings bad luck. Her fiance died only five minutes after doing such a thing.

Shortly after arriving in Destiny, Pluckie leads Rory into the storage area of the Lucky Dog Boutique. Inside this area, Rory finds the store owner, Martha, collapsed and in need of medical attention. Martha is so thankful to Rory and Pluckie, she offers Rory a managerial position at the boutique until she’s able to return. As so often happens in a cozy book, there is a murder of a prominent member of the town. Martha is the number one suspect and Rory takes it upon herself to find the murderer and clear Martha’s name.

The mystery of the murderer is carried out throughout the book and there are many suspects to choose from. I was not able to figure out who did the dead until it is revealed at the end of the book. For me, that’s always a plus.

The characters are well developed, well rounded and likable. The small town setting is well described and it was easy for me to picture myself there watching all the happenings. Many superstitions are described, some of which were new to me. After a while I got a little bored reading about all the superstition references. It seemed to become repetitive and overtook the book. I realize that superstitions are the theme of the book, but in my opinion it became a little much.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cozy mysteries and those who enjoy books where animals are a big part of the story. I have read other books by Linda O. Johnston and I’ve enjoyed them all. Lost Under A Ladder was no exception. I did enjoy reading this book and think you will too.


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