Review Of Trust Me

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Trust Me by Nora LeDuc was a really good book. The book drew me in right from the first page and I just wanted to keep reading to see what would happen. There was mystery and non-stop suspense throughout the entire book and I didn’t figure out who the stalker was until it was revealed at the end. The characters were well developed and realistic, having redeeming qualities as well as flaws. It was easy to begin to care about them and worry about them. The writing style flowed easily and the book was a quick read. I can’t recommend this story enough to any one who enjoys a well crafted mystery/suspense. To me a good author is able to take you away in their story and make you feel as though you are right there in the middle of the book. You forget your current surroundings because you are so engrossed in the story. Nora LeDuc is one of those authors. This is the first book of Nora DeLuc’s that I have read but it will definitely not be the last. Thank you Nora for writing such a great book.


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