Review of A Love Beyond Time

Product Details

A Love Beyond Time (Power of Love Quartet, #1) by Dante Craddock is the first book in the Power of Love Quartet. If all three books are as good as this first book, then the whole series will be a real winner.

It’s the story of Ashley Brannock and the nightmares that she has been having. She dreams of a man that is trapped in the bottom of a boat and his subsequent drowning. She also has dreams of the woman who loves him. She does not know why she is having these dreams and what they mean, but she does know that the dreams are wreaking havoc on her life. Will she ever be able to find the answers to her questions and find out how the answers will affect her? What follows in this book is the answers to her questions, a heartwarming romance and finding “true love”.

The characters are well developed, well rounded and have very many human traits. It’s very easy to care about what happens to them and share their emotional roller coaster ride. The writing style flows easily and the book is a quick read. The writing style is very descriptive and it is almost impossible to not feel like you are right there in the story, watching things first hand. This is one of the things I like best about this book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a heartwarming love story. Grab this book, which is the first in the series, and go along for a romantic journey.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


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