Review Of Roly-Poly Monster Goes To The Zoo

Roly-Poly Monster Goes to the Zoo

Charity Tober has created another adorable children’s book titled Roly-Poly Monster Goes To The Zoo. Roly-Poly Monster and his family go to the zoo for a fun family day. Along the way, he sees all types of animals and he even gets to feed baby animals. He gets to eat lunch and play on the playground. He takes a train ride around the zoo and he is able to bring home a new friend from the gift shop. His day was perfect at the zoo.

Children can relate to taking a trip to the zoo and all the fun things that Roly-Poly got to do. My granddaughter and I talked about trips that she’s had to the zoo. I really like the fact that the story is about something that most children have done in their own life and can think about their own trip while listening to the story.

The words and rhyming are very age appropriate and the illustrations are colorful and vibrant. My granddaughter loves to trace Roly-Poly’s activities and she loves following the train path .Charity and her husband Andrew make a great team that creates children’s books that are lovable, adorable and relatable.

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy reading stories to their children that are relatable and full of color and rhyming. It’s a fun book for an adult to read and the children just love it. I am looking forward to reading about Roly-Poly’s next adventure.

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