Review Of Haunted Hamlet



Haunted Hamlet by Kathi Daley is another great book in a series of great books. This book takes place at Halloween and it returns to the murder scene from book one, the Henderson House. This house is thought to be haunted by all that live in Ashton Falls and it makes perfect sense to hold the Haunted Hamlet in the barn on the property. But before that can happen, a body is found in the house by Zoe and Zak. The body is that of a man who is a real “ghost hunter”. And who also has connections to murders that took place in the same house thirteen years ago. Are these incidents related or is it a coincidence?

The mystery continues throughout the entire story and I did not figure out the murderer until it was revealed at the end. All the clues and evidence get tied together nicely and realistically. Which is always what happens when I read Kathi Daley’s series.

To me, the characters are what make this series really great. They are so well rounded, realistic and three dimensional and if every book they continue to grow. I don’t feel like I’m reading a book but rather that I’m in Ashton Falls visiting. The characters are so human and the problems that they deal with are so real, that readers can relate to. They experience all the emotions that everyone experiences, such as joy, sorrow, jealousy, love. They really feel like people that I know. And I really enjoy that while I’m reading/visiting.

I would recommend Haunted Hamlet to all readers who enjoy a cozy mystery that has it all. It can read as a stand-alone book but for total enjoyment, I think the Zoe Donovan series should be read in order. I can’t wait for the next book to see what Zoe and her friends will be up to next.


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