Review of Murder On Vacation

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Murder On Vacation: A Molly Tinker Mystery by Misty Reddington is a good murder mystery.

Molly Tinker and her husband, Erik, are on vacation in Florida. They’re there to visit an old friend of Molly’s, Ellen. But when they get there, they find out that Ellen has disappeared. She had gone to the store to buy some crab for dinner and never returned. Erik, who is the chief of police back home, offers to assist the police in solving the case. Molly, who is no stranger to murder and mystery, also becomes involved in the investigation. Molly and Erik can’t catch a break, even on vacation, murder follows them.

There are many suspects and “persons of interest” that could be involved in the disappearance. There seems to be a lot of infidelity happening among the suspects and this makes it even harder to figure out the case. And Erik and Molly didn’t have their crime-solving dog, Tinker, with them. Tinker seems to have a nose for helping out in other investigations that Erik and Molly have been involved in. I did not figure out the person responsible until it was sort of revealed at the end. The ending was totally unexpected and surprising.

Misty Reddington has the ability to write a good mystery and keep the reader guessing. She throws in enough twists and turns to make it very difficult to solve the mystery on your own.

The writing style flows smoothly and this book is a quick, easy read. The action is dialogue driven and most of the clues and information are gathered from reading the dialogue. This style of writing helps with character development, because you learn the characters thoughts and ideas.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well-written mystery where the ending will surprise you. I have read other Molly Tinker Mysteries and look forward to the next one written.


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