Review of Turkeys, Tuxes and Tabbies


Turkeys, Tuxes and Tabbies by Kathi Daley is another winner. There is a murder mystery to solve, plenty of cats to find homes for and Jealous Zoe to control.

The “cat lady” of Ashton Falls has been found murdered in her home. Zoe not only has to find homes for all of the felines, she also has to try and solve the murder. Even though this mystery does not really affect her personally, that’s just what Zoe does. “Have murder, will solve” could be her motto. With the help of her friends and family, she sets out to do just that.

The murder is not the only thing that Zoe has to deal with. Her mother’s socialite friends have gathered in Ashton Falls for a bachelor auction. The main feature of the auction is her fiance, Zak. Zoe is having a hard time controlling Jealous Zoe because she really does not want Zak going out on a date with anyone else. But Zak is the reason many of them are there, to bid on such an eligible bachelor. Will Zoe be able to handle her jealousy or will the town lose much needed money for a new fire truck?

The characters continue to grow from previous books (yes I have read every one of Kathi’s books) and they are again well developed, well rounded and three dimensional. When one of her best friends begins acting strangely and then seems to disappear, Zoe becomes concerned and sets out to find out what is wrong. I was concerned too. The characters become friends and you cannot help but care about what happens to them. The combination of great character development and small town setting descriptions pull you into the story. I found myself forgetting my real life concerns and enjoying the ride I was taking while reading the book. I think this is a sign of a good author that is able to create such a complete world that reality disappears and the story takes over.

I really cannot recommend this book (as well as the other books in this series and Kathi’s other series) enough to all cozy lovers. For anyone who enjoys a mystery with small town settings and family and friends, this is a must read. If you enjoy holiday themed books, you will really enjoy this book. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.

3 thoughts on “Review of Turkeys, Tuxes and Tabbies

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