Review of Alaskan Alliance


Alaskan Alliance by Kathi Daley is another cozy winner.  In this book we spend the majority of the time in Moosehead, Alaska, although we do get to spend a little time in Ashton Falls too.

Zoe and Zak fly to Moosehead to deliver a search and rescue dog to the rescue team there.  Ellie and Levi stay back in Ashton Falls to recuperate from a car accident caused by a hit and run driver.  While in Moosehead Zoe finds another dead body, and after seeing the sheriff investigating in his pajamas, Zoe decides she needs to find the killer.  There are a limited number of suspects but that does not make finding the culprit easy.  And back in Ashton Falls, Levi is determined to find out who was responsible for their accident.  This too is not easy because he does not have the help of Zoe nor Zak and Sheriff Salinger is not being very cooperative.  Zoe does what she can long distance to help Levi, but she has her own case to solve.

In this book we are introduced to new characters and a new setting.  Moosehead is another small town where neighbors help each other as much as they can.  The rescue team is like a family and they constantly put their own lives in danger to help those is need.  We meet the members of the rescue team and they are likeable and people you can care about.  I am sure they will be further developed in the next books and I cannot wait to learn more about them.  And of course there are plenty of animals to visit and enjoy reading about.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is a quick easy read.  The writing is very descriptive and I could feel the cold and snow while I was reading.  I think one of Kathi’s strong points in writing is her descriptions and character development.  She writes about people you really care about and want to spend time with.  The two mysteries are carried on throughout the entire book and I did not figure out the killer until it is revealed at the end.  Neither of the mysteries have a complete conclusion in this book but that is alright because I now have something to look forward to in future books.  The book is not a cliffhanger but there are some issues not yet resolved.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy.  If you have not read this or any of her other books, do yourself a favor and get them to read now.  They will make a great Christmas gift for yourself or others .  You will not be disappointed.


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