Review of Murder Sends A Postcard


Murder Sends A Postcard by Christy Fifield is the third book in the Haunted Souvenir Shop Mystery series.  I have read the other two in the series and I have really liked all three.

Glory Martine is the majority owner in Southern Treasures, a souvenir shop in Keyhole Bay, Florida.  Her cousin Peter is the minority owner and he is a thorn in Glory’s side.  He has no idea what it takes to run the shop and he continually makes suggestions to Glory about ways to improve (change) the way the shop is run.  Glory has to deal with her cousin while working extra long hours during the busy Fourth Of July week.  Her plate is full enough, so when someone she has just met dies, she feels like she is on overload.

Although she has just met Bridget and has not spent a lot of time with her, she does not believe that Bridget overdosed on drugs.  Bridget was an auditor sent to investigate questionable dealings happening at the bank.  These dealings include a development complex that is being constructed, but work has been suspended.  Investors are losing money and many people are not happy about Bridget’s presence in their town.  She is an outsider and trying to cause trouble for their community.  Glory cannot believe that one of her neighbors are responsible for the murder but she is convinced that foul play is involved.  So with the help of her friends and Bluebeard, the shop’s parrot who is also the bird host for her Great Uncle Louis’s ghost, she tries to figure out the mystery.

This book has all the elements I expect and enjoy when reading a cozy.  It has a small town setting, a group of close knit friends, a mystery to solve and an animal.  One difference I noticed in this book is that Glory did not actually find the dead body.  In so many of the cozies I read, the protagonist is the one who stumbles across the murder victim.  Sometimes this seems a little far-fetched (how many dead bodies have you stumbled upon?  Hopefully the answer is none.).  I appreciated the uniqueness of this and found it refreshing and more realistic.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author is descriptive in her writing and I could picture the setting or the food or the action that was happening.  The characters are well developed, realistic and three dimensional.  Since I have read the first two books in the series, I enjoyed seeing the development of all the characters and their relationships.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy.  I am looking forward to reading any future installments in the series and I hope one will be released soon.  I would suggest reading all three books in the series, they are all really good.

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