Review of Puppies In Paradise


Puppies in Paradise by Kathi Daley is the fifth book in the Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries series, and as usual, it is a great book.  It was great to catch up with Tj and her family and friends.

A close family friend is murdered and Tj and her family and friends set out to find the killer.  There are many suspects to consider but not very many clues.  The best clue they have are cold cases that are being rechecked by the deceased.  But the three cold cases do not seem to be related at all.  Every lead they pursue leads to a dead end and Tj is getting very frustrated.

Adding to her frustration is the fact that Paradise Lake is experiencing a blizzard and everyone, including her sisters, are going stir crazy.  And after one of her friends is involved in a car accident, she finds herself taking care of a litter of puppies and their mother.  She is afraid that her sister is going to become too attached to the puppies and not want to let them leave.  She also needs to sort out her feelings for Hunter, her old boyfriend that she still has feelings for.  But she’s not sure that she wants to risk losing his friendship if things do not work out this time.

As with all of Kathi Daley’s books, this one is character driven and very well written.  The cast of characters are all well developed and realistic and become people that you care about.  I never feel like I am reading a book.  I feel like I am catching up with old friends, finding out what has been going on in their lives.  This is very appealing to me and is why I enjoy reading her books so much.

The mystery is well thought out and there are twists and turns that keep the reader guessing.  The actual killer surprised me, which is a plus in my opinion.  The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author is very talented in writing descriptively and pulling you into the story so that you feel like you are part of the happenings.

I would recommend this book, as well as all her other books, to anyone who enjoys a well-crafted cozy.  This book is a clean read and could be read by any age.  My eighty-nine year old mother enjoys reading them as much as I do and I would not hesitate to give it to a young adult to read.  Treat yourself to any and all of Kathi Daley’s books, you will not be disappointed.

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