Song Of Memory by Sharon Ricklin Jones

About Sharon Ricklin Jones

Sharon Ricklin Jones grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and always knew she wanted to be a writer. Besides being a wife, mother and grandmother, she’s also spent time as a medical assistant, ranch-hand, and a teacher. While still home-schooling her youngest son – she finally started writing. However, after writing her first romance novel, circumstances in life forced her to set that book aside for a few years…
No longer working full time and having an empty nest,(and no more excuses)she decided to get to work on editing that novel. Little did she know, her muse had other ideas. A fantastically vivid dream forced her to set the book aside, yet again. This dream gave birth to the Ravenswynd Series, and the muse hasn’t shut up since.
Sharon is a member of Romance Writer’s of America, the author of two blogs, and involved in several Writer’s Groups.
Now living in a small town in central Wisconsin, Sharon is in the final edits of book four in the Ravenswynd series and is also working on two time-travel novels. She hopes that someday she’ll find the time to edit that elusive first novel – still safely tucked away under her bed.

UPDATE: No longer tucked under bed! Song of Memory was published 2-12-15!

I have not read Song Of Memory yet but I am looking forward to reading it.  I did read River Of Time and really enjoyed it. Check out her two time travel books and her Ravenswynd Series.


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