Review of Matrimony Meltdown


Zak and Zoe know what type of wedding they want.  A small quiet affair on the beach with family and close friends in attendance.  They want Ellie and Levi, their best friends, to stand up for them.  They want their dogs and the two young children they love to be ring bearers and flower girls.  But when Zak’s mother shows up a month before the ceremony with a wedding planner and celebrity photographer in tow, their wishes fly right out the window.  Many members of Zak’s family also show up and take over the house.  With Zak out of town with work problems, it is up to Zoe to restore order and still get the wedding that she has dreamed of.  That job will be as hard to achieve as the murder that needs to be solved, maybe even harder.

Almost the first half of the book is dealing with Zoe and her wedding day blues.  But there is definitely a mystery going on in the first half of the book: will Zoe kill or maim her mother, Zak’s mother or members of the wedding planning entourage?   And if so, how will she do it?  It was so much fun reading all about the wedding plans and the troubles that Zoe faced that I am glad the murder happened later in the book.  Having read all of the books in the series, I feel like Zoe and Zak and their gang are people I know and like.  I needed time to catch up on their lives before trying to solve a mystery.  There were times while reading that I was laughing out loud and other times I thought, “Oh Boy, this is not good”.

I think what makes the author’s books and series so good is the characters she has created.  They are everyday people who have unshakeable friendships and for the time you are reading her books, they are your friends too.  She is also very good at describing small town America and transports the readers there with just her written words.  Every time I read one of her book, I feel like I am taking a mini-vacation.  As a reader, this is a great thing.

I really cannot recommend this book (as well as the other books in this series and Kathi’s other series) enough to all cozy lovers. For anyone who enjoys a mystery with small town settings and family and friends, this is a must read.  Do yourself a favor and start this series (Zoe Donovan Mystery series) at the beginning and enjoy your journey.  You will not be disappointed.

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