Review of The Ghost Of Marlow House


Danielle Boatman has inherited Marlow House from her aunt.  With the help of her friend Lily, she plans to turn the old mansion into a bed and breakfast destination.  When the two show up at the house, they find it is in disrepair but still looks pretty good for a house that has been unoccupied for ninety years.  On their first visit to the house, Danielle finds a surprise waiting for her.  The previous owner, Walt Marlow, is still in residence, even though he is dead.

Danielle has been seeing and dealing with ghosts for much of her life, ever since her grandmother visited her after she passed.  So although she is not afraid of seeing Walt, she is worried how he will take the news that he is no longer alive.  And she does not know how his being there will affect the opening of her bed and breakfast.  When she tries to help him pass to the other side, he asks her to look into his death, which was ruled a suicide.   She sure has a lot to deal with: fixing up the house and preparing for the opening of the bed and breakfast and trying to solve a ninety year old mystery.   She is not sure how she is going to accomplish any of that.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The author has created characters that are realistic (even though one is a ghost), well rounded and three dimensional.  They are a cast of characters that are very likeable and I wanted to spend more time getting to know them.   I really enjoyed the interaction between Danielle and Walt and I could have kept reading about them all day long.  The mystery is well plotted and maintained throughout much of the book.  There are twists and turns that kept me guessing all along the way.

Sometimes, when I am looking through book sites looking for something to read, I come across a book that I really enjoy.  That is exactly what happened when I purchased The Ghost Of Marlow House.  And after further checking, I found out that this is the first book in the series.  So I hit the jackpot when I found this one, especially since cozy ghost books are one of my favorite genres to read.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy and if you like paranormal, then you really want to pick this book up.