Author Jan Christensen

Jan Christensen grew up in New Jersey. She bounced around the world as an Army wife, and in Texas after her husband retired. After traveling for eleven years in a motorhome, she settled down in the Texas Coastal Bend. Published novels are:  25753332Sara’s Search, Revelations, Organized to Death, Perfect Victim, Blackout, Buried Under Clutter, and A Broken Life. She’s had over sixty short stories appear in various places over the last twenty years. She also writes a series of short stories about Artie, a NY burglar who gets into some strange situations while on the job.

Jan mainly enjoys writing mysteries, but every once in awhile steps out of that comfort zone and goes for something else. When not writing and reading, she’s hanging out on most of the social networking sites and doing email. Learn more at her website:

I have read many of Jan Christensen’s books and I have loved them all.  If you have read her works, you know why.  If you have not read any of them, I really suggest that you check some of them out for yourself to see why they are so good..

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