Review of Much Ado About Felines

In this fourth installment of Kathi Daley’s Whales and Tails Mystery series, Cait and her friends again have another murder to solve.  This time a body is found in a grave, a grave belonging to the deceased.  How did Roxi end up dead in her own burial plot?  As the murder is investigated, Cait and her friends find out that Roxi has made quite a few enemies the last few months of her life.  After her husband accidentally dies, Roxi has been paying a lot of attention to the men in Pelican Bay, even the ones that are already spoken for.  Could one of the women have killed Roxi in a jealous rage?  Could the men 25623571 have found out that Roxi was stringing along a lot of men and became so angry that they killed her?  There are many different suspects and motives and it will be tough to figure this mystery out.

Another mystery contained in the book is who is the mystery man who arrives on the ferry every Saturday, stays for a few hours and then leaves.  Every Saturday when he arrives, there is a cat sitting on the dock waiting for him.  Cait has never seen either the man or the cat any other time, just on Saturdays.  When Cait follows them one day, the man turns a corner  and disappears.  Cait, being a naturally curious person, has to figure out who he is and what he does every Saturday.  I really enjoyed reading about this mystery, but be forewarned, I needed a kleenex by the time I was done reading about the stranger and cat.

Kathi Daley knows how to write characters that are likeable and interesting and that the reader wants to get to know better.  I do not feel like I am reading a book, but rather I feel like I am sitting and catching up with friends.  I love finding out what is happening in their lives and their relationships.  She is also very talented in bring a small town setting to life in the reader’s mind.  After reading any of her books, I think to myself “I’d like to go there for a visit”.

I love the mystical magical aspect of this series.  In this book there are two cats that are involved in the mysteries, and although they do not speak, they are instrumental in the outcomes.  I think this just adds another layer of awesomeness to this series.

I would recommend this book, as well as all of Kathi Daley’s series, to anyone who enjoys a whimsical well written cozy.  Take a trip to Pelican Bay, meet some new friends and put your sleuthing skills to work.  You will now be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Review of Much Ado About Felines

    • You’re welcome and glad you found something that interests you. All of the Kathi Daley series are really good, I think you’d like them all. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, hope you stop back again and again.

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