From Nancy Jill Thames:

2 thoughts on “From Nancy Jill Thames:

  1. I have Nancy Jill Thames first novel. I’ve never read it, but intend to. I have many cozy mysteries by authors that I know on my Kindle that I intend to read.

    Right now I need to reread my first cozy The Ginseng Conspiracy looking for errors. It will be coming out in print late this Fall and also start my edits for Murder by Fireworks which will also come out later this Fall as well as an eBook.

    I wish I had time to read all of these wonderful authors now. I look forward to reading Nancy Jill’s and others in the winter.

    • I know that it’s very hard to keep up on all the good books out there. I’m pretty sure I miss a lot of the ones that are even published. Good luck on your rereading looking for errors, at least you know you’ll enjoy the story!!!!! :). The fall will be busy but exciting for you.

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