Review of Last Resort


All Daisy Savage wants is a vacation. A romantic getaway with her husband. Seven blissful days at a fancy resort to relax, recharge and renew.

23209084What she gets instead is a dead body at a campground.

When Daisy and her husband Jake head north to Minnesota’s lake country for a weeklong stay at a lakeside retreat, they’re surprised to find out the place they’ve won a trip to is neither lakeside or much of a retreat. Stumbling upon a dead body makes the place even less attractive.

The charms of the campground begin to grow on Daisy, however, and she can’t help but be troubled by the bad luck that seems to be raining down on Delilah, the quirky owner of Windy Vista. The more questions she asks, the more things don’t add up. And the more curious Daisy becomes.

Despite Jake’s pleas to end her amateur investigating, Daisy finds herself in the middle of trying to save the campground from ruin. Doing so, though, puts her in the middle of vandals, liars, thieves and…a murderer.

Which turns out to be anything but a vacation. (Goodreads)

Daisy and Jeff Savage are going on a week long vacation that Daisy won.  They are going to a resort and they are going alone, with none of their four children.  To say that they are excited would be an understatement.  They cannot wait to spend time in the spa and at the pool and enjoy all the amenities that they saw on the website.  It is like a dream come true for them, but that dream soon turns into a nightmare.

When they get to the resort, they find that there is no luxury hotel.  Instead they find a trailer park full of people who are camping out.  They are given the fanciest trailer in the campsite, one that looks like a log cabin.  And they are still childless on this trip, so they decide to make the most out of the situation and stay.  When they are challenged by a not so nice fellow camper to the medallion scavenger hunt, they are more than willing to accept the challenge.  Daisy is very competitive and she is determined to find the medallion before the reigning champ (6 time winner) does.  But when the medallion is found, it is hanging around the neck of a dead man.  That was not the prize anyone expected to win.

I love this book and this series.  There is suspense, mystery, humor and likable characters.  The characters are well developed and well rounded and I would love to be friends with both Daisy and Jake.  The bickering and bantering between the two is so funny and seems so real.  You can tell they are best friends and happily married but their relationship is not sappy or mushy.  The characters that they meet at the campgrounds add a lot to the story.  Some are mean and unlikable, some are sweet, some are sneaky and some are crazy.  This combination added a lot to the story and I enjoyed reading about them all.

The mystery is carried on throughout much of the story and there are many twists and turns to throw Daisy and Jake, as well as the reader, off track.  I changed my mind about the culprit at least three times while reading.

I think the thing I liked most about this book is the humor.  The things that Daisy and Jake say and think, some of the characters and their zaniness and the antics of all of the people are so funny.  I found myself laughing out loud through much of this book.  

The combination of humor, suspense and lovable characters makes this book a must read.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy.  This is the second book I have read in this series and I loved them both.   There are two more books in the Moose River Mystery series and I plan to read them both.  Do yourself a favor and visit the characters of Moose River.


3 thoughts on “Review of Last Resort

  1. I read THE MURDER PIT some time ago which I thoroughly enjoyed. I noted it was free on Amazon this morning. I will read this one as soon as I find the,time. There should be a review on my site.

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