Review of Ghostly Graveyard


When Zoe finds a body laying across the grave of Isaac Wainwright, the man behind a hundred year old legend, she sets out to find the killer before the deputy who is substituting for Salinger, finds a way to pin the murder on her. Meanwhile, Ellie is asked to babysit her cousin’s baby, Levi is AWOL, and the entire Donovan-Zimmerman household is busy with Halloween activities. (Goodreads)


Zoe is at it again, trying to find yet another killer.  After finding the body of a man that she has been recently publicly arguing with, she discovers his body in the cemetery and then discovers she is the prime suspect.  With Zak busy with the new school and getting the preparations done for Halloween, and Ellie busy caring for a infant and Levi freaked out about the infant Ellie has under her care, Zoe is on her own in solving this murder.  

As is usual in this series, the characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  The characters seem so realistic and people that you want to spend time with.  It is fun to read about how Zoe is juggling her new family and husband, her job and trying to solve the murder.  Many people can relate to the fact that there is always too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.  

I really enjoy reading about the small town life of Ashton Falls, the festivities for the holidays and the camaraderie of the towns folk.  Whenever I read a book in this series, I feel like I am transported to the town and can see all the action going on around me.  I love catching up with all of the characters who have become like old friends.  

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read.  The mystery is carried on throughout the entire book and even when you think you know who the killer is, think again.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  If this is a new series for you, start at the beginning and get to know the characters even better.  You will not be disappointed.  


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