Thanksgiving Themed Books

Each day, between now and Thanksgiving, I will feature two Thanksgiving themed books that you might want to check out. Hope you find some that you will enjoy, happy reading.

23604983Amateur sleuth Haley Randolph returns in a hilarious novella from mystery author Dorothy Howell.
Fashionista and event planner to the stars Haley Randolph thinks the Thanksgiving Day feast she’s organizing for the wealthy young owners of the Pammy Candy Company at their Calabasas mansion will be easy—until the hostess is pushed to her death from a second floor balcony.
Money-hungry relatives expecting to dish up a share of the candy company profits, an ex-lover, and a family secret make a tempting recipe for murder. It’s a feast of suspects as Haley gobbles up clues that threaten to turn this warm, welcoming occasion into cold leftovers—but with private detective Jack Bishop in charge of the investigation, things heat up fast.
Haley searches for the designer handbag of her dreams—but finds a hot new attorney instead—and a killer who knows revenge is a meal best served cold!
Bonus content! Includes an excerpt from another Haley Randolph mystery, as well as one of the historical romances Dorothy writes under the pen name Judith Stacy.  (Goodreads)

216093“Harvest of Murder” is the sixth book — and Ripley’s debut on the Kensington list — in her delightful series combining mystery with useful gardening tips. This time out, Louise Eldridge, wife, mother, and television gardening show host, finds herself caught up in the chaos of a holiday feast, a new high-tech job.. .and a brutal murder in her own backyard.As Thanksgiving draws near, Louise has her hands full. Her daughter is demanding her attention, her husband wants her affection, and her gig as a holiday hostess is shaping up to be one stressful act. To escape the madness, Louise has been sharing nightly dog-walks with Dr. Peter Whiting, an eccentric old biologist who regales her with tales of his travels in the Amazon jungle and his incredible discoveries there — including an exotic formula that can double a person’s life expectancy. But Louise is shocked when the good doctor is found slashed to death in the woods near her home.Only a week later, Louise gets an invitation from Whiting’s widow to help complete the plant experiments that had been her late husband’s obsession. But even as she accepts the offer, Louise can’t shake the feeling she’s getting up to her elbows in something more sinister than seeds and soil. For there’s a lot more going on at the lab than simple science, with intrigue involving billions of dollars and a rogue’s gallery of suspects. Little by little, Louise is digging up dangerous dirt on all of them. But if she’s not careful, this Thanksgiving could be her last!  (Amazon)


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