Thanksgiving Themed Books

Each day, between now and Thanksgiving, I will feature two Thanksgiving themed books that you might want to check out. Hope you find some that you will enjoy, happy reading.


18296646Event coordinator Liv Montgomery is not only in charge of this year’s Turkey Trot in Celebration Bay, she’s participating as one of the runners. But not long after the marathon begins, gunshots are heard and a body is found in a remote section of woods. Did a local crank shoot the man for trespassing? Or is there a darker, more complex motive for plucking this runner before he crosses the finish line? Now it’s Liv’s turn to race to find the cold-blooded killer…(Goodreads)


19044199Having narrowly survived an encounter with murderous black magic, private investigator Josie P. Cates has settled into the humdrum life of her new profession. But she now faces a challenge far more terrifying: spending a week with her mother. Against all odds, the week proceeds nicely, at least until her friend Arthur disappears at the amusement park run by country music star Tommy Thomas and reality television “celebrity” Ophie Sue Rail. With help from her on-again-off-again boyfriend, her overly-peppy stepsister, and a distant European cousin, Josie must not only rescue Arthur, but unravel the ancient mystery that links Tommy and Ophie Sue.(Goodreads)





2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Themed Books

  1. Jose Picada, P.I. series is written by the talented sister/brother team of Heather Fraser Brainerd and David Fraser. It’s a wonderful series.

    Thanks, Mary for featuring their Thanksgiving mystery. A perfect read for now!

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