Black Friday Yay or Nay

Random Thoughts and Meaningless Musings


In spite of the fact that Black Friday has morphed into a month long event in many cases, it has still become almost its own holiday. Some people love it. I know people who look forward to getting up at the crack of dawn, camping out in front of their favorite store, and shopping with several thousand of their closest friends and neighbors, even more than they look forward to Thanksgiving. They have battle plans, shopping lists, playlists, and regimented time lines to score the largest haul for the smallest price possible.


I guess in an abstract sort of way I can understand the thrill of the hunt for the ultimate discount, but overall I have to say that I fall on the nay side of things when it comes to this particular pastime. Let’s be honest. I live in a small town high upon a mountain way out in…

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