Christmas Themed Books

Each day, between now and Christmas, I will feature three Christmas themed books that you might want to check out. Hope you find some that are new to you and some that you enjoy.  Enjoy your reading.


T21702152he psych ward’s Christmas tree is artificial…
but the bomb concealed in its trunk is alive and
It was nobody’s fault, unless you counted the mice, and even they didn’t mean to start trouble. A forgotten candy cane lured them to the Christmas tree stored in the basement of St. Anne’s Hospital. The nibbling and gnawing just went on from there. Now there are holes in the trunk where none should be and not a single branch will stay in place. Despite this disaster, the nurses of Psychiatric Ward One are determined to deck the blues by decking the halls. When an anonymous donor sends them an artificial balsam, they happily press their patients into decorating it. But lighting the new tree ends with a bang!
Who planted the bomb that wrecks havoc in the little town of Rhineburg? A frustrated employee fired by St. Anne’s despised administrator? A student terrorist from Bruck University? Or Caroline Rhodes, a nurse with a suspicious past who survived the explosion but refuses to discuss it?
Tagged as a suspect by the FBI, Caroline must prove her innocence by unraveling a devilish plot devised to eliminate one man’s nemesis. Aided by history professor Carl Atwater, Caroline cuts through a maze of conflicting stories, red herrings, and downright lies to bring a killer to justice.


13121796When landscape designer Nina Quinn agrees to deck the halls of Christmastowne, an indoor Christmas village, little did she know how dirty the job would be.

Christmastowne has been plagued by mishaps. Someone’s stealing toy donations, cutting lines to the security system, starting fires, and poisoning the poinsettias. Worst of all, Nina’s neighbor, Fairlee McCorkle (aka Mrs. Claus) is found murdered under Christmastowne’s enormous decorated tree.

The deeper Nina digs for clues to unwrap a killer, the more she discovers that some secrets are best left buried in the past. (Goodreads)


7615667Loren Graham, the mayor of Emerald Point-a picturesque little town on the shore of Lake George in upstate New York-is anticipating a wonderful Holiday season. The town was ready. Sparkling new decorations hung on posts and wires throughout the Main Street business district. A sound system was rigged to play holiday songs and announce special sales throughout the shopping season. Special shopping nights and extended hours were scheduled to encourage the local residents to buy their holiday gifts in Emerald Point instead of dashing off to the malls in Queensbury and Albany. And, best of all, the final gift to the community was to be a grand Holiday concert downtown the week before Christmas. Everything had been planned down to the last detail to make this Holiday Season the best one ever, but then someone else planned a different event that didn’t add to the festivities. The shocking murder of a local woman-a respected nurse-in her own home. (Goodreads)

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