Review of Santa Sleuth


It’s Christmas in Ashton Falls and the entire Zimmerman household is gearing up for their first Christmas as a newly formed family unit. While Zak is busy decking the halls, Zoe is busy tracking down a killer while still taking the time to make certain a little girl’s Christmas wish comes true. It’s funny, it’s family, it’s a Zak and Zoe Christmas. (Goodreads)


As usual when reading a Kathi Daley book, Santa Sleuth has everything I look for in a cozy mystery.  There is romance, mystery, friendship and the small town atmosphere that the author is so talented in creating.  

The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  Zoe has a personal interest in solving this murder because the murderer left her inside Ellie’s burning restaurant to fry.  Even with all the Christmas preparations happening, Zoe finds time to investigate the murder and search for the culprit.  There is a lot of changes happening with Zoe’s friends and I cannot wait to see what will happen in their lives.

The mystery is carried on throughout the book and there are a lot of suspects to consider.  With numerous twists and turns, the identity of the murderer is hard to figure out, which is a good thing.

I thought this book had more humor than normal and I found myself laughing a lot while reading the book.  For me, there was a jaw dropping moment at the beginning of the second chapter, something I was not expecting.  There was also a lot of heartfelt moments, some that were sad and some that were happy.  I really enjoy when an author takes me on an emotional rollercoaster while I’m reading.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  My suggestion would be to read the entire Zoe Donovan Mystery series, if you have not done so yet.  And then read the other series that this author has written, because they are all good and definitely worth reading.




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