Review of 1001 Boredom Busting Play Ideas


Boredom busting play ideas, kids crafts, travel games, and tricky challenges for kids all in one place!

Over 1,000 instant, easy, cost-effective solutions to bust your children’s boredom blues from mom and NY Times bestselling romance author, Jean Oram.

“A lifesaver for parents and educators.” –Kenneth, reader.

No matter where you are or the depth of your boredom blues with over 1,000 play ideas, games, crafts, and family fun activities, this book has a guaranteed boredom buster for everyone in your family…. (Goodreads)


What a great book for anyone that has children or has interactions with children of all ages.  There are so many ideas and variations of games that we all played as children.  The variations and the large amount of ideas contained in this book are amazing.  

There are sections dealing with outdoor activities, indoor activities, art and crafts, and imagine games.  There is even a section dealing with determining who should go first, which I thought was clever.  Another thing that I thought was good was the fact that many of these ideas and activities do not cost anything.  Many of the activities can be done spur-of-the-moment and do not require any additional articles.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who has children, be it a parent or a grandparent or a babysitter.  I will be using some of the ideas from this book when I babysit my grandchildren over Christmas break.  This book would make a great holiday present.  



2 thoughts on “Review of 1001 Boredom Busting Play Ideas

  1. Hi Mary!

    Thank you for reviewing 1,001 Boredom Busting Play Ideas. I’m glad you enjoyed it and hope you have fun with your grandkids over the holidays–for those looking for gift ideas the paperback of this book will be released December 12th! 🙂

    Play on!
    Jean Oram

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