Review of Zimmerman Academy:The New Normal


This novella is a spinoff of the popular Zoe Donovan Mystery Series. In this first short story Zoe’s best friend Ellie receives some bad news, meets a new man, and helps to solve a murder while Zak and Zoe are out of the country.


I really enjoyed reading this novella and I am happy that it is the first in what I am hoping will be many more to come.  I like that this first one was written from Ellie’s perspective because she is one of my favorite characters.  Learning more about what was happening in her life and the problems she is facing made for a great story.  

Ellie is trying to get over her break up with Levi and get her life back on track.  When she is given some devastating news from her doctor, she is not sure how she will ever move forward.  When she meets and assists the new math teacher for the Zimmerman Academy, she realizes she might just find happiness again.  

Of course there is a mystery to solve, and with Levi’s help, Ellie may just be able to unravel it.   She is a little more cautious than Zoe when it comes to finding a killer and it seemed a little more realistic to me, which I liked.  

The writing style flows smoothly and this novella is an easy read.  The author is so talented in creating her characters and the setting that I was again taken away from reality and transported into the world that she has created, and it was a place I did not want to leave.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery with lovable characters.  I am looking forward to reading more books written by this author.   If you have not had the pleasure of reading any, be sure you pick up the many books in her numerous series, sit back and enjoy.



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