Review of The Silence Of The Chihuahuas

The Silence of the Chihuahuas

Waverly Curtis

5 Stars


“This series is hilarious!” —RT Book Reviews Includes a Bonus Story

“Savvy sleuths come in small packages…”

Pepe, aspiring P.I. Geri Sullivan’s muy clever Chihuahua, has stopped talking. But why now, with Geri’s best friend Brad missing and her ditzy sister in grave danger? Geri’s lost without Pepe’s dogged detective work, especially when a client of Brad’s expires under very murky circumstances.

Luckily, Pepe turns out to be an excelente blogger, and his nose for clues soon has the detective duo chasing down leads. But they’ll have to put a bite on crime quickly, because danger’s afoot – and it’s making tracks in their direction . . .

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The characters are well developed and well rounded.  Geri is a hard worker who has the determination of a bulldog when it comes to solving mysteries.  With the help of Pepe, who has unexplainably gone silent, they must figure out, not one, not two, but three mysteries: where is Brad, who killed the “dragon lady” and where is Geri’s sister?  It will not be easy to solve these puzzles but Sullivan and Sullivan Detective Agency will not stop until answers are found.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy ready.  The authors are very talented in character development and creating suspense with the written word.  I found myself turning pages as fast as I could to see what would happen next.   There are enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing and just when I thought I had it figured out, things changed and I found out I was wrong.  I do not normally like being wrong, but when it come to solving mysteries, I okay with that.  I love the blog entries by Pepe.  What a clever idea and it really added a lot to the story.  I was laughing through most of the posts.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  I have read a few books in this series and I have enjoyed them all.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.  I would like to thank Netgalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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