Friday’s Question


As readers, we are taken on many trips and visit many different locations.  We can read about many places that we are not able to visit in real life. Authors take us to places they create in their minds as well as real cities, states and countries. If you could visit any place that you have read about, where would it be and why?  Please leave a comment and let me know where you ideal place to visit would be.






10 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. Mary, that is not an easy question to answer . . . or at least not to answer with a single pick. My mind is awhirl with all the settings I’ve ached to experience while reading this book or that. I’m grateful to the authors who have been able to turn me into an “armchair traveler” through the written word, but, if I had to single it down to one location? I think I’d have to choose C.S. Lewis’s Narnia . . . Oh, to meet Aslan! To chat with Lucy, whose faith never wavers! To make the acquaintance of Reepicheep! To see the world that only gets bigger and brighter the further inside one travels . . . Yes, if I have to choose one and only one location, I want to go to Narnia.

    • Thanks, Sis, for your answer. I can see you put a lot of thought into it. Maybe someday in your dreams you can make that trip and meet those that live there. 🙂

      • Actually, I’m pretty sure I have been there in my dreams . . . and I live in hope that one day I will join the reality behind the fiction and reside in Aslan’s Country, where nothing that is good is ever gone and nothing that is not good cannot enter.

  2. Nora Roberts is responsible for my desire to go to a small village in Ireland and visit a pub. I must try Guinness on tap and listen to an Irish band. Her books situated in Ireland make me feel as if I’ve been on a visit there–and I too want to walk a dog over the hills, smell the smoke from a peat fire and meet people who will become such great friends. Bliss!

    (Middle Sister sent me the link to this question)

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