Review of Shards Of Murder


When a glass-making competition turns deadly, glass shop owner Savannah Webb must search for a window into a criminal’s mind…

As the new proprietor of Webb’s Glass Shop, Savannah has been appointed to fill her late father’s shoes as a judge for the Spinnaker Arts Festival, held in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. With her innovative glass works, the clear winner is Megan Loyola, a student of Savannah’s former mentor.

But when Megan doesn’t show up to accept her $25,000 award, rumors start flying. And when Savannah discovers the woman’s dead body on festival grounds, the police immediately suspect her of murder. To keep from appearing before a judge herself, Savannah sorts through the broken pieces of glass scattered around the victim for clues as to who took this killer competition too far… (Goodreads)


Savannah is one of the judges at the Spinnaker Arts Festival.  After she declares Megan Loyola the winner, Megan disappears.  While taking her dog, Rooney, for a training run, he finds Megan’s dead body.  When Savannah learns that she is a “person of interest” in the murder,  she knows she has to solve the mystery herself.  With the help of her office manager, Amanda, her apprentice, Jacob and

Edward, a fellow business owner, she sets out to do just that.  They have to find the killer before Savannah finds herself behind bars.

The characters are well rounded and well developed.  My favorite character is Rooney, I just love reading about his antics.  I could just picture him bounding around, smiling with his tongue hanging out.  I also really enjoyed reading more about Jacob, I find him to be a very likable character.  My least favorite character is Edward, he just is not the likable to me.  I do not know why but I feel he is a little too stuffy and stiff to me, I want him to loosen up.  I find myself hoping that Savannah does not become too romantically involved with him.  I think she could do better (does that make me sound like a parent)?  That is only my opinion and he may be a favorite of other readers.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is a quick easy read.  The mystery has enough twists and turns and suspects to keep the reader puzzling over who the killer was. I thought I knew who the killer was a few different times, only to find out that I was wrong.  

I enjoyed the fact that there was a glossary at the end of the book explaining different elements of fused glass.  There was a lot of information given about the world of glass making and you can tell that the author is very knowledgable about the subject.  If you are interested in glass-making, you should really enjoy this book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written cozy mystery.  If you enjoy reading crafty cozies, this is a great book to read.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.


8 thoughts on “Review of Shards Of Murder

  1. Enjoyed the first one and look forward to this one. I think it might make you sound like a mother but it could also apply to a friend. It is a sign of could writing when I care enough to reaction to connections in books. Jacob is my man and I adore Roony! But then I would adore most dogs.

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