Friday’s Question

Animals play a very important part in many of our lives.  Whether they are our pets, service animals, search and rescue animals or working animals, we love them.  In many books, animals have a big part in the story.  Some of them are pets, some of them are sidekicks and some of them even help to solve the crime.   Today’s question is, if you could adopt any pet that you have read about,  which one would it be and why?



















13 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. That is really a hard question. If I must decide it would be Diesel from The Cat in the Stacks series OR any of the helpful kitties from the Whales and Tails series.

  2. I would want to adopt a dog like our sweet Forest who lived to be 11 1/2 years old. Forest looked close to the search dog pictured. The third photo. He had a wonderful personality, was loving and always happy and excited to be with us or anyone.

    A good dog would be from “Call of the Wild.”

      • That’s great, Mary. What kind of dog? He must have been small. Actually Forest looks similar to the fourth photo down. He was part Black Lab, German Shepherd, Norwegian Elk Hound. He was nice looking.

      • He was just a mutt that we got at the pound. We got him when Jeremy was 6 months old and the pup was 6 months too. So they both turned 18 when Buster(Buster Brown) passed away. He was a medium sized dog. He was the best popcorn catcher you ever saw. he could have played in the outfield for the Indians and done a good job.

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