Author Spotlight: MaryJo Dawson


Today I am spotlighting MaryJo Dawson, author of the Sally Nimitz Mystery Series.  There are currently five books in the series.  Check them out below and then read them for yourself.

About The Author:

MaryJo DawsonI was born and grew up in Wisconsin, but left right after nursing school. I’ve lived in at least six states, and one country abroad, settling at last in southeastern Colorado at the foothills of the Rockies. I’m married, a mother and a grandmother. Obstetrical nursing was my long time career, and other interests include gardening and hiking. I’ve always loved to read, and in the fiction category have a passion for mysteries of the like of Christie, Sayers, and Dick Francis.  (Goodreads)

MaryJo Dawson enjoyed a satisfying career as a practicing nurse, most of it working in obstetrics. In her heroine, Sally Nimitz, she’s combined that background with a lifelong enjoyment of old-fashioned mystery novels and writing.

She lives with her husband in a small town at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in southeastern Colorado.  (Amazon)


18139787In a cozy little Midwestern town where nothing exciting ever happens, Amelia Marsh lies murdered in her own home. When Sally Nimitz discovers the body of her charming eighty-year-old neighbor she is devastated by how close violence has come to the quiet life she leads as mother, grandmother, and nurse. Though still recovering from the death of her own husband, Sally can’t put the trauma of the murder behind her until she knows who could have done it and why. With the help of a close male friend and a quirky older lady, Sally begins looking into the life and past of her neighbor and soon discovers there was much more to Amelia Marsh’s life than anyone had ever guessed. (Goodreads)


15736505Sally Nimitz is in the middle of a family crisis when a local police detective turns up at her front door. David White and Sally are not strangers. She was the delivery nurse when his wife had a baby, and he was in charge of the investigation of the murder of Sally’s neighbor, Amelia Marsh. Now Detective White has a personal request. Would Sally use the observation and deduction skills she displayed before to help find his missing brother? Has Douglas White, a successful and respected widower, deliberately disappeared?
Her friends—and fellow amateur sleuths—George Thomas and Anne Carey, are only too happy to once again give her a hand and soon, they find themselves far from home in a very precarious situation.


17927794For the third time, Sally and her friends are working to solve a puzzle. At the request of a co-worker, Sally travels south to Mississippi to the Bradshaw family estate. She is asked to find out why the two elderly ladies living there have been urged by a nephew to move out, and why they are being harrassed.
There is definite mischief afoot on the old family estate, and shortly after Sally’s arrival a neighbor turns up dead.
Is there a connection? Sally thinks there is. Asking a lot of questions uncovers family secrets going back three generations.


22404376Sally goes on an all expenses paid trip to Florida, and it isn’t for investigative purposes, or to take a vacation. Her son and his wife have asked her to be their advocate when they are offered the opportunity to adopt a baby.

Helping Everett and Judy decide if they should agree to the adoption turns out to be the easy part. And who could argue with spending a few days as a guest of a wealthy family in a tropical paradise?

But when the biological father meets his death shortly after a meeting with Sally, life gets more complicated. A woman with a curious nature, some time on her hands, and believing killers should be caught, has to do what she can.  (Amazon)

25717156When Sally is approached by a co-worker who is terrified that her sister may be involved in a murder, her 5th adventure begins. Did Valerie Connor’s boyfriend kill his aunt because she refused to lend him money? Was Valerie herself involved? As always, Sally can count on her friends Anne Carey and George Tomas to help. Their search for answers will send them to northern Illinois, Chicago, and both rural Wisconsin and Iowa. The more they discover, the harder it is to believe anyone would have a reason to kill Lucy Bedford. (Goodreads)





























8 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: MaryJo Dawson

  1. The premise of Mary Jo Dawson’s mysteries sound exciting.

    Mary Jo and I have much in common. I also grew up in Wisconsin, became an RN, lived in many states (Colorado being one.) and write mysteries. 🙂

    Great author post. All the best to Mary Jo.

  2. Thanks to Mary and MaryJo for sharing more of MaryJo’s background with us. I find that she brings as much of her experience as an obstetrical nurse to the background of her books as Dick Francis brought from his from his career as a race jockey. I knew, when I read her first Sally Nimitz mystery, that she was a nurse — and I immediately knew that either she had worked in obstetrics or was intimiately acquainted with someone who did. As a reader, I have a hard time categorizing MaryJo’s series . . . it’s cozy in the sense that her protagonist is an amateur and that neither she nor the other characters delight in bad language, violence or other unpleasantnesses. Yet, Sally has so much integrity that it’s not as light-hearted as cozy often implies.

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