Who’s That Blogger Wednesday

Today I am very happy to be talking to Karen Owen to learn a little bit about her.  As you will learn, she is a very busy blogger and has many interests. I want to thank her for agreeing to talk with me, I really appreciate her taking the time to answer my questions.   Be sure to stop by her blogs and say hello and follow her in her blogging adventures.

Hi Mary thank you again for asking me.

Karen, can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?

I actually write a few different ones. I write a daily publishing doll blog called Karen Mom of Three’s Craft blog (http://karenmomofthreescraft.blogspot.com) , as well as my daily publishing Tea and Cozy mystery blog called A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery (http://acupofteaandacozymystery.blogspot.com). I write a weekly spot on a blog called http://steepedexplorations.blogspot.com . My craft blog I started 5 years ago and is about dolls, doll play and crafts. My Tea and Mystery blog is about the books I read, tea I drink, tea cups, crafts and more.

What made you decide to start a blog?

In 2010 my mother died suddenly at age 56 and I was a stay at home mom of three, just trying to keep busy and my mind and hands occupied. I began crafting and sewing and sharing the photos of what I was working on on line and someone asked me why I did not have a blog, at the time I did not know what a blog was, I then did a bit or research and decided to give it a try. In addition to the doll craft items I was working on for my nieces to keep my hands busy, I began reading more and more cozy mysteries that I would pick up at my local library. In  February of 2014 after reading Lisa K’s Book reviews and after spending some time in Facebook cozy mystery groups and street teams, I was inspired to start a book review blog of my own. I had been photographing and sharing my morning tea table ritual along with the books I was reading and decided to pair them with my thoughts about the books I was reading.

Where did the name of your blog come from?

The name came from the photos I still take daily.  A cup of tea and a cozy mystery, I guess I could have put a candle in there as well as I always try to have one on my table too.  As I kept writing I was invited to write more and for other sites then my own.

How would you describe your blogging style?

Eclectic. I have lots of very different interests and I try to share them with my readers through my writing work. Eclectic for sure.


How much time would you say you spend on blogging and how do you find that time during the day?

My doll one I try to write a week at a time, I take Sunday mornings usually to write 7 posts, it takes me a few hours but I have it down to a science. My tea and mystery blog I tend to spend 45 mins to an hour daily to write, my weekly posts on other sites often take me an additional hour.



What do you like to do in your spare time (not that you have any) that does not involve reading or writing?

In my spare time I love to bake, I love thrift shops and trying out new teas. Most of the time I am fitting in reading, or writing. I am also a very large Nascar and Doctor Who fan.






Did you always like to read?

No I did not actually learn to read and retain what I was reading until I was in my 20’s I have worked very hard for the last 21 years to over come my learning disabilities and dyslexia, I still struggle with it daily and I have found that with daily practice I have improved so much.  Just in the last 5 years alone I am amazed at the speed in which I can now read and the amount.

What type of books do you enjoy reading?

I love cozy mysteries best, I also love the sub genre of paranormal cozies. Witch themed ones or magic ones I get really excited about. I also love reading cook books as well as home and self care.


Where do you find you ideas for your blogging material?

Usually from what I am reading or thinking about that day. I am inspired by the covers of the cozies, themes of the books, time of year, how I am feeling, the weather. What is in my tea cup,  So many things.

What do you think is the most rewarding thing about blogging?

I find that blogging for me has been the most rewarding when I get feed back and encouragement from other people. I am still astonished that anyone takes time to read anything I write. It feels therapeutic, I have met so many amazing people online, authors, other bloggers and readers who have become great friends all because I decided to start writing a blog. The experience for me has been hugely rewarding and enriched my life greatly.

What would you most like readers to know about you?

That I am constantly trying to do my personal best. I know I make lots of spelling and grammatical errors. For example every sentence I write I often have to write or retype two or three times before I get what I think is right. I am a very visual person and I hope that my photos make up for what my words lack. I feel I say more and can invoke more of what I am feeling with my photos then my words. I feel limited in my written vocabulary but when I take a picture, I feel like it says everything I wanted it say. I also love getting comments about something you like that I have done, even when I have made a mistake and people take the time to let me know. Oh and I am Canadian. I live on the West Coast and I am on Pacific Coast Time, most people are getting ready for lunch when they see my morning tea photos.
How can readers follow your blog?

You can follow my blog by email, by logging on each day, through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.






Doll Writing:





Thank you for asking me to participate, this is a real treat for me. I would love to have you all over for tea daily! I hope you will drop by.











8 thoughts on “Who’s That Blogger Wednesday

  1. Wonderful interview, Karen and Mary. It’s great to meet you, Karen. I will definitely check out your Tea and Cozy Mystery blog. I’m very interested.

    I’m a cozy writer and the crime-fighting headquarters in my mysteries is a patisserie. Lots of tea and pastries there. 🙂

  2. It’s so nice to “meet” you Karen and get to know a bit more about you! I’m extremely impressed that you find time to write 3 blogs and will be checking them out. Thanks for sharing the interview and providing the links, Mary!

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