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Many of the books that are available to read today revolve around some sort of craft or hobby.  You can read about anything from antiquing, gardening, bicycling to quilting and everything in-between.  Today’s question is what new hobby or craft you would like to try after reading about it?





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31 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. This is a dangerous trend for a girl who never met a craft (or who met very few crafts) she didn’t like! I avoid reading mysteries with craft themes, in part, because I must resist the temptation to take up a new craft hobby — I don’t have time for all the ones I already enjoy and I have promised myself and Mister Sister that I will not take up any new ones unless I drop an existing one. I also avoid reading mysteries that appear to be written with more eye on marketing than on the mysteries, and, sadly, so many of these now fall into this category! I’ve read more than one series that started off with promise but never delivered because the writer really didn’t know anything about the craft she attributes to her characters. It always shows, in my not-so-humble opinion. For me, this is definitely a case where writers should write about what they know.

    • You are so right. When an author knows about what they are writing, it definitely shows. Their passion shines through their writing and the excitement and enthusiasm pulls the reader right in.

      • It’s also an opportunity, though, for reviewers because reviewers can tell their readers which of the crafty mysteries feature well-crafted mysteries and are worth the purchase price, as well as the reader’s time, and which are not much more than an attempt to cash in on our interests without providing much to interest us.

      • Very good point. With so many cozies out there these days, and many of them being a craft or hobby themed cozy, makes it impossible for a reader to check them all out. Readers have neither the time nor the finances to read all the books out there and those that continue to be published.

  2. I think I’m a very suggestible reader. I want to go play with yarn after reading a knitting- or crochet-themed mystery. I want to add alpacas to my menagerie after reading about the yarns spun from their fleeces, and experiment with dyes and spinning and . . . well, I’m very suggestible. So, for now, I have to avoid any crafty mysteries unless they involve the ones I already know. I really can’t afford to take up beading or bookbinding. Alpacas need a colder climate, and I do not need more animals. My fabric, floss, ribbon and yarn stashes are already overwhelming, and my inks and paints are in danger of drying out if I don’t play with them more often!

  3. I don’t books buy subject, I do get tired of all the cooking books. I do usually read most gardening but they are few of them. Late l yu I have been reading a number of paranormals about witches and find them very good.

  4. I’m not crafty at all. There are so many things in cozies that I would love to be able to do. I love to bake, so the Cupcake Bakery mysteries are one of my favorite series. I would really like to make beautiful scrapbooks.

    • I used to scrap book and I enjoyed it but now there doesn’t seem to be enough time for that. There’s not enough time in the day to do everything I’d like. 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t be interested in reading cozies because of a craft involved like knitting or quilting, etc. I work in stained glass. I wouldn’t choose a cozy because it involved that. I want to read a book that has mystery, intrigue, excitement, characters that I’d like to be friends with.

    I do love reading art mysteries such as The Art Forger, The Flanders Panel. I enjoy it when characters visit an art museum or paint, but there still has to be the excitement, the mystery.

      • This winter I crocheted infinity scarves for myself and for a friend. I made a second one for myself, except I didn’t sew it together.

        I’ve done many crafts in my lifetime, but the stained glass and crocheting this winter are the most recent. I’ve quilted, carved wood, painted on canvas and furniture, cross-stitched, made baskets, sewed. I’m sure there are more.

        What crafts do you do, Mary?

      • Presently, none. But I have done knitting, cross stitch and needle point, candy making, candle making, wreath making and scrap booking. Scrap booking was a lot of fun.

  6. I remember now, Mary, talking about this with you. I also used to make wreaths from my Dad’s grapevines and also made candles. I am still trying to make the perfect wine truffle.

    • Ha ha ha. I’m not very coordinated myself but I have been able to tackle a couple of scrap booking projects. That is a craft you don’t need to be very coordinated to do well with.

  7. I have tried many types of crafting successfully (learned most from my Mom and/or Grandma). I don’t have the fine motor skill required at this time but I’d love to try tatting and wood working clocks. A friend in Canada makes beautiful clocks.

  8. I would love to learn how to crochet..I did a lot of counted cross stitching after I taught my self how,and I was hooked..I love crafts,and even painting..thanks for the chance..

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