Selection Sunday



I know a lot of people use Sundays to organize and prepare for the upcoming week.  That got me thinking about what everyone plans on reading this week.  Will you take something from your oh-so-large To Be Read Pile or a library find or a newly released book?  Comment and let me know what this week’s selections will be.






10 thoughts on “Selection Sunday

  1. I am reading Gilt by Association by Karen Rose Smith. I never know what’s next. My tbr is out of control.

    • That sounds like my TBR pile, or should I say TBR Mountain. I think I have read at least on of the books in that series. Thanks for stopping by and letting everyone know what you’re reading and hope you enjoy.

  2. I’m reading several things, as usual. Some, I need to keep to myself until I know whether or not I want to recommend them, but among those I can share are a couple of cookbooks — Betty Crocker’s new gluten-free cookbook and a cast iron cookbook that I’ll be reviewing just prior to its release. I hate that I’m having to wait on that one, because I do like it, but the good part is that I have time to test out several of the dozen or so recipes I’ve already bookmarked. I marked another one in the GF cookbook, one that Mister Sister found for me while I was pan-grilling pork medallions for our supper tonight. It calls for a pan gravy made with cherries, and he knows I am all over cherries.

    In fiction, I snagged a free mystery today that is set at a hotel that captured my childhood imagination. I know more romantic hotels today, but it was the epitome of elegance and romance when I was a small girl. I have no idea if the mystery is any good, but I can’t let that one linger in my TBR collection. I’m also reading “Broken Angels,” a historical novel set in WWII. I will review that one this week, as it is scheduled to be released this week. I’m far enough into it to say that I can recommend it, though I find some faults with it and know it won’t appeal to some readers.

  3. I’m reading two books this week – both for review purposes – one is an ebook and one is a paperback. “Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are?” and “When We were Sisters” However, I also see that my name is at the top of the hold list at the library for the new J.D. Robb book so I might have to sneak that one in there too. hehe.

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