Review of Barkley’s Treasure.

Barkley’s Treasure

A TJ Jenson Southern Seashore Mystery, Book 1

Kathi Daley

5 stars


Tj Jensen Southern Seashore Mysteries are a spinoff of the popular Tj Jensen Paradise Lake Mysteries. The series features Tj as well as others from the original series in a new south eastern location. Gull Island is a fictional island within the barrier islands off the Georgia Coast.

In the first book in the new series, Tj packs up four cats, three dogs, two sisters, and good friends Kyle Donovan and Stan Griffin, for a trip cross country after she decides to spend the summer helping a friend of the family renovate the island resort he has been forced to sell. Tj hopes the trip will help her adjust to her new circumstance after a series of events leave her feeling adrift in a rowboat without a paddle.

Her first day at the resort she stumbles upon a dead treasure hunter named Buck and a parrot named Blackbeard with a clue to Buck’s killer. The local deputy has the body cremated after declaring the death due to natural causes, but based on evidence at the scene, it seems evident the deputy is lying to cover up a murder. Tj, Kyle, and Doc, are sure there is more going on than it would appear on the surface, so they launch an investigation of their own to find out why.

This new spinoff will feature both favorites from the original series as well as colorful residents of Gull Island and The Turtle Cove Resort.  (Goodreads)


TJ and some members of her family and friends travel to Gull Island for the summer to help an old family friend with renovations to an island resort.  They are not there very long before they find a dead body in the attic.  When the authorities rule the cause of death as natural causes, even though the side of the deceased head is bashed in, TJ knows she has to solve the case with the help of her friends.

The mystery is carried on well throughout the entire book and I was surprised when I learned who the killer was.  The twists and turns and possible suspect list kept me guessing the whole time I was reading.   And there is a second mystery, whether or not there is really a treasure buried on the island, and if so, where is it.  

It was nice spending time with TJ and her sisters and some of the other characters that I have met from this series.  And there were also new characters to meet and get to know. The author continues to display a remarkable talent in character development and I felt like I would like to visit Gull Island to spend time with the residents.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted cozy mystery.  With mysteries to solve, animals to enjoy and great characters, you cannot miss this book.  And if you are new to the cozies that this author has written, be sure to check them all out.  You will be happy that you did.



4 thoughts on “Review of Barkley’s Treasure.

  1. Oooh, what a beautiful cover! I know better than to judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be enticed by a good one. I’ll have to add this to my Wish List! Thanks, mjb!

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