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There are many ways to read a book.  You can use an e-reader, read a hard covered book, a paperback or even listen to an audio of the book.  So today’s question is, which way do you prefer?














16 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. I prefer the paper books, the feel and the smell, though I am getting used to reading on my ipad kindle app, I love that i do not have to plug in or power up to read.

  2. I have to admit I prefer reading from the Kindle app on my iPad mini. Not only because I can carry hundreds of books around with me but as my eyes age, it’s much easier to read than print.

  3. All things being equal, I prefer paper . . . I love books, not just the stories they tell.

    But, things are not always equal and my Kindle Fires are easier on arthritic fingers and wrists, which sometimes balk at the pressure needed to hold a book open, plus the e-readers allow me to tote a library of thousands of books around for the same space, about nearly the same weight, as a single volume.

    As a reviewer, I definitely miss the old days of paper books when I could slip a piece of paper between the pages to mark a passage I wanted to find again. I can make notes on the digital galleys, but finding them usually entails flipping through screen after screen or noting down the location when I make the note. Both take more time and trouble.

    I also collect books from favorite authors, and it is infinitely more satisfying to collect bound books, that I can display on my shelves and some of which tell a story all their own, than to have the digital editions on devices.

    • I’m not a book collector myself but I can definitely see where it would be much more rewarding to have an actual book collection. It kind of loses something in the digital form.

  4. At first I totally disliked the idea of an eReader. I received a Kindle from my husband one Christmas. Six months later he put a mystery on it. It took another six months before I would even look at the book.

    Now eBooks are my preference. I love that you can change the font and have an instant dictionary. I bookmark passages that I want to reread later. I can take my library with me on trips. For me it’s a win-win situation.

    Saying that, I still buy books for family and friends. We have four bookcases in our home filled with books. One is a floor to almost ceiling bookcase that takes up a wall. But when I take out one of my favorite paper cozy mysteries to read, I always wish I had it as an eBook instead. 🙂

  5. I am really enjoying your blog. Nothing really replaces the feel of a hardback or paperback as you look at the cover and blurbs but I love my Kindle, too. It lets me read books and novellas that are only available electronically. I don’t do audio books at all because I can’t focus on them the way I do a book or movie/TV show. My brain tends to wander off and I like imagining the characters and settings in my own way. A narrator would be a distraction.

    • I totally agree about audio books. I know I wouldn’t be able to concentrate enough and be able to follow the story. For me, an audio book is not an option. Thanks for saying you like my blog, that made my day. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  6. my kindle fire is my first choice with print books second..because of space and eas to carry with and have access to any book I want to read..

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