Selection Sunday

I know a lot of people use Sundays to organize and prepare for the upcoming week.  That got me thinking about what everyone plans on reading this week.  Will you take something from your oh-so-large To Be Read Pile or a library find or a newly released book?  Comment and let me know what this week’s selections will be.








6 thoughts on “Selection Sunday

  1. I’m finishing Redemption Road ( by John Hart, which is scheduled to be released this week. I’ll post the review tomorrow on my blog, It’s a disturbingly dark mystery/thriller set in an anonymous North Carolina mill town . . . very well written but not for the faint of heart by any means as the reader will descend to Hell before Hart brings about the redemption.

    Given the grit, I’m also reading some old Rex Stout detective novels and novellas for a change of pace. I love the rhythym of Stout’s writing, but I especially like the way he allows Archie Goodwin to turn a phrase: “When I need a reason to feel superior to my fellow human beings, as I frequently do, I need a better reason than the color of my skin” and describing someone annoying and irritating as a “pain in the back of my lap” are some of my favorite Goodwinisms. I confess I’m not above feeling superior, but, like Archie’s, my pride demands a darned good reason! And, I can’t help but wish more of today’s writers could come up with creative alternatives to the same old vulgarities. Archie can “curse” without offending my sensibilities. This is one series that, although I have virtually every title in print, I don’t mind acquiring extra editions for my e-readers. Wolfe, in particular, has introduced me to so many new words, so I especially appreciate the dictionary at the press of a fingertip!

  2. My list for this week:

    For review:
    Amish Sweethearts by Leslie Gould
    Somewhere Out There by Amy Hatvany
    Loving Emmi by Barbara Boswell Brunner
    Where The Light May Lead anthology
    Losing The Light by Andrea Dunlop

    From library
    Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome by Reba Riley (to finish)
    The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas

    The Year We Turned Forty by Liz Fenton (to finish)
    Yappy Hour by Diana Orgain

      • I’ll finish the two that are already started today…..and then I’ll definitely finish the books for review, while the library and audiobooks may still be in progress next week.

      • The more important ones are the ones that you need to review, so at least you’ll be able to take care of those, which is good.

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