Review of Pull My Paw

Pull My Paw

Holidays From Hell Short Story Series, Book #2

Sue Jaffarian

5 Stars


A dog with a flatulence problem wasn’t high on Judy Bowen’s wish list of Mother’s Days gifts, no matter how cute the canine. So imagine her surprise when the spa gift her eldest daughter, Norma, usually gave her was substituted with a little dog named Crankshaft who suffers from tummy trouble.

In Pull My Paw, the second Holidays From Hell short story from Sue Ann Jaffarian, the crazy Bowen clan is at it again, celebrating another holiday with arguments and angst in the shadow of their still missing husband and father. When middle daughter Zelda steps in to sort it all out, she learns that good things really do come in small packages – small, hairy, smelly packages. (Goodreads)


What a great short story this was.  There was plenty of humor and laugh out loud moments.  There was also some emotional moments and even a life lesson to be reminded about.  

Although this was a short story, the characters were fun to meet and relatable.  There was enough of a backstory that I knew the circumstances and what was going on.  I would love to read a full length book about the Bowen family, I think it would be great.  

This author is very talented and whatever she writes is very good.  I will have to check out the other short stories in this series.



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