Friday’s Question


Many of today’s cozy mysteries are food themed and a great many of them include recipes. Today’s question is have you tried any of the recipes that you have found in a book, which recipe was it and how did it come out?  Or is there a specific one that you want to try?


14 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. Funny you should ask, I actually do try them and Lorraine Bartlett’s are always good. I wrote the ones in the back of Terry Farley Moran’s Read Em’ and Eat Series book 2 and 3 so I know they work. I have tried more then a few recipes in more cozies then I can remember this morning, and they were all really good and I do think they add to the story!

  2. I agree with Karen, recipes do add to the story because food is one of the ways we connect to friends, family, and even strangers. I try out many, many recipes from too many cozy mysteries to list….and so far, haven’t made any that were bombs…in fact, they were all quite delicious! I think the authors carefully research and tweak their recipes in the same way they carefully edit their manuscripts.

  3. Barbara Ross, whom you spotlighted earlier this week, has some excellent recipes in the back of her cozies. You can tell she knows food when you read the recipes, before you ever even set foot in the kitchen. Susan Bernhardt shared her to-die-for chocolate torte recipe, one of Kay Driscoll’s favorite desserts, which I have not only made but riffed by adding various liqueurs to the batter before baking. (It’s naturally gluten-free, FYI those who need to avoid gluten!) Susan’s recipe is on her blog, but I can’t remember if she included it in the book.

      • If you are watching your weight, you’d do well to avoid Susan’s books because she will tempt you beyond reason! Her love for chocolate, and for pastry, is overpowering to a weak-willed woman like me! Barb includes recipes for a range of dishes, and lobster — the star of the Maine clambake feast — is diet friendly, if not budget friendly for those of us outside of lobstering range. Susan knows how cruel she is (and I mean that in the kindest possible way) and she does let off — a bit — in her subsequent mysteries.

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