Friday’s Question




 It seems as though there is a cozy written about almost every subject these days.  You can find a series about food, dogs, cats, knitting, sewing or just about anything else.  Today’s question is what theme do you wish someone would do a series on.  Something that you think would make a great one.  Who knows, maybe an author will see your answer and write that book.



20 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. I like Teresa’s idea, I would love a haunted vintage car mystery, a woodworking mystery, a make up artist one, etc.

    • That is awesome. That would be something if you picked one of the suggestions that readers have made. I really like everybody’s ideas. Thanks for stopping by and commenting..

    • I just checked out your other series and it looks really good. i will have to get book one and read it. I love finding new authors. Thanks again for stopping by.

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