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I am very curious to the answer to this question.  I think most readers definitely have an opinion and I cannot wait to see everyone’s answer. When you find a book that you want to read, do you check to see where it fits into the series? Do you have to read the first book in a series and read that series in order or doesn’t not matter to you?



20 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. It depends. I try to read series in order, but I’m not obsessive about it. If I skip one, I’m not absolutely thrown off. If I’ve already read the series, I’ll go back and pick any of them up. I don’t have to re-read the series in order.

  2. I prefer to start at the beginning whenever possible however with a few of my favorites, I did not know had books before the ones I read and they were great, I then went back and read them all.

  3. If I see a book I like it doesn’t matter where it is in the series, I will read. I don’t check where it at in a series to read. Right now have two books to read. BLACK CAT’S LEGACY by Elaine
    Faber and MISS SEETON SINGS by Heron Carvic. The former is the first book in a series,the latter is the fourth. Ook in the series

  4. I typically would check to see if it’s the “first in a new series.” But . . . if the book looks promising and I feel I would enjoy it, I buy it and read it anyway. This happened to me with one of the culinary cozy series — a diner series. I bought the second in the series, loved it, and right away went back to the bookstore and bought the first one in the series. And later read the third.

    • I seem to find myself starting a series in the middle. Like you said, if I like it then I get the earlier books and try to read those in order. My thought is that most people need to start at the beginning, I’m looking forward to learning if that’s true. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I appreciate it.

  5. Always check to be sure I am reading in the right order!! To the point of stressing about it sometimes. What did I ever do before my Kindle?

  6. I’m old school. I never had a chance to read a series straight through before Kindles, and I resisted getting one for a long time anyway.

    I bought what looked good, and if I liked it, I’d read whatever I could find in the series. A lot of times, I would choose the older ones because they were cheaper and I could buy more books . . . but I didn’t always have much choice and I don’t think I ever had a choice of going back to the very first in a series, or the first by a writer. Or, not without making a special order, and I was much more likely to browse for books than to go place a special order and wait for it to come in.

    I’m actually less likely to follow a series that HAS to be read in order than one that doesn’t, perhaps because my reading habits were formed when accessibility was so hit-or-miss.

    • Seems like most of the time the books don’t have to be read in order, you can get a quick back story and know what’s going on. It’s actually very rare that I start a series at the beginning and read it all the way through in order. NetGalley makes it much more difficult to red the first book first.

  7. It doesn’t matter to me unless the story really is dependent on previous books. Most are not. I like to read them in order but that is not always possible. I read what I can get at the time.

    • Yeah, me too. And it seems like most of the time it doesn’t matter, the author gives enough of a back story that I know what’s going on. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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