Review of Haunting Me


Haunting Me

Haunting Me Series, Book #1

Nikki LeClair

5 Stars


Phoebe Mercer has what most people envy; a wonderful boyfriend, fantastic friends and a job in the city’s top law firm. Getting engaged is just the honey in her tea! Then she gets run over by a hot dog cart, wakes up with a concussion and the ability to see ghosts. Well, one ghost. A loud, obnoxious woman who claims to have been murdered for her vast fortune.

Soon, Phoebe is solving a mystery that not only threatens her relationships, but her career as well. As she begins to battle feelings for the ghost’s handsome nephew, she realizes quite a few people in her life are not as they seem. Slowly, Phoebe uncovers the secrets and lies around her, learning that in order to solve this mystery and be free of the ghost, she must lie herself. The only catch? The secrets Phoebe has kept from the people in her life could ruin everything for her, and her ghostly companion, in the end. (Goodreads)


Haunting Me has all the elements that I look for in a cozy mystery: great characters, humor, mystery and a bit of romance.  And this one had the added bonus of a ghost, which made it extra special for me.   I have read a lot of cozy ghost mysteries because it is one of my favorite sub-genres.  And this one was as good as any that I have read.

Phoebe is having a great life and is excited to be newly engaged to Riley, her boyfriend. Her job is going good, she has a loving family and great friends.  Everything is looking up for her, until she gets run over by a hot dog cart. Yes, I said a hot dog cart.  After that accident, her life is turned upside down.  Tension begins to build between her and Riley and her job starts to suffer.  But the worst thing is that she can now see a ghost.  Edie is that ghost and she will not let Phoebe rest until she agrees to help find her will and find out who killed her.  

The characters are well developed, well rounded and three dimensional.  There were some characters that it was easy to like and I enjoyed getting to know Phoebe and her friends and family.  Then there were some characters that it was easy to dislike, like Riley, his mom and Phoebe’s boss.  And there was one character that it was easy to love, and that character was Edie.  She was funny, feisty and endearingly annoying.  I enjoyed reading about the relationship that developed between Phoebe and Edie and it lead to many laugh out loud moments for me.  

There are a couple of mysteries that need to be solved in this book.  Edie is sure that she was murdered and she asks Phoebe to prove that she was killed.  And she knows that she has a will that has disappeared and she needs Phoebe to find it to save her fortune from greedy hands.  The mysteries are carried on well throughout the entire book and there were enough clues, twists and turns  to keep the reader guessing.  The suspense and tension kept building until the end of the book.

The writing style flowed smoothly and the book was an easy read.  The author is very talented in creating characters and in her descriptive writing.  I could picture myself at Edie’s mansion while I was reading, watching all the action taking place around me.  

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.  And I can honestly say that I would rate this book more than five stars if I could.  I really loved this book and cannot wait to read the next book in this series.  Grab a copy and see for yourself what I am talking about.



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