Friday’s Question



There are many books that revolve around holidays.  Today I have two questions for you.  What is your favorite holiday and what is your favorite holiday book (the answers may not be the same holiday) ?




















10 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. I love Christmas, and Christmas themed cozies. Actually, I love cozies set in cold weather, most likely because I adore winter and snow. My second favorite holiday is Halloween, though they aren’t always my favorite cozies.

  2. I love Christmas and Christmas cozies. I also love Halloween, it is such a fun holiday especially when young. I have fond memories of the Fourth of July celebrations at home. I think I love every holiday. I have great memories of all of them, that’s probably why I wrote holiday mysteries! 🙂

    • You can tell , when reading your books, that you have drawn inspiration from your own personal experiences, and I think that adds another layer to your books.

  3. When my mother was alive I would have said Christmas was my most favorite, but now I like Halloween best and Easter. Halloween because I love the chocolate treats and the little kids that come to our door (171 last year!) and Easter because it is all the same food but not the gift grab that Christmas seems to be.

  4. Even though Christmas tends to be bittersweet in our home, I still love Christmas, and Christmas themed cozies. Winter cozies are a close second especially given I spend so much time indoors and reading fills many long hours. My second favorite holiday would be Halloween, although thecozies relates to Halloween, at times, cross the line beyond cozy.

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