Friday’s Question

Do you like to read outside on a chaise lounge (weather permitting) or do you like to snuggle up in a recliner by a nice warm fire?  Do you like to read in bed or are you a car reader?  Today’s question is where is your favorite place to read?




13 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. I used to love to read in my Adirondack chair in my front yard, but events that happened last year in my neighborhood made me uncomfortable there, so I set up a tea tent in the back yard, moved the chairs there, it is not the same feel but it is nice. I seem to prefer the couch, blanket, tea in hand and cat on lap.

  2. My favorite place to read is . . . wherever I am!

    I’ve always read in bed. I had to get used to going to bed without a book when I first got married, but I’ve now been married long enough that my husband is not offended when I crawl in (before he does) with a book or a Kindle. I’m not sure I know how to fall asleep without reading.

    I used to read at the table, since I ate alone, and then continue on the sofa until time for bed. Now, I sit in a recliner — and Mister Sister bought me a brand new, crimson leather one last Saturday — until it it time for bed. I have a book rest for my bathtub, and a waterproof cover for my Kindle. I’d love to read outside, but I live in an inhospitable climate. Our heat indices have been 111 all week, and that is only going higher today and in the days to come. I tried the Kindle outside in the waterproof cover, but the Kindle was overheating and I had to take it back to air-conditioned comfort.

    My dream is to have a library with long windows and lovely window seats with thick cushions, where I could curl up in all weathers and read. Of course, I’d need to live in a cooler clime to avoid the greenhouse effect that would roast me here.

      • W-e-l-l . . . I don’t take anything to read when I go to the barn. Or not often. Nor do I take anything to the pool since the Kindle overheats and books would get wet. I did, however, figure out how to manipulate the Kindle while knitting, so now I take both my Kindle and my work-in-progress on roadtrips. And avoid complicated patterns that require lots of counting of stitches! 😉

  3. I love to read just about anywhere I can that is comfortable, whether that is cuddled on the couch in the winter or reading on the patio during a nice day the rest of the year.

  4. Any of the places mentioned sound wonderful in the right circumstances – weather usually a factor.
    Have to say my favorite, though, is at my favorite coffee shop, with the first cup of the day and a bagel near at hand.

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