Who’s That Reader

Today I am happy to be interviewing Doward to learn a little bit more about this avid reader, who I met in the cozy community.  Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 64 & retired after 48 years of work that included office manager, secretary (when we still typed & took shorthand), indoor & outdoor movie theater projectionist (when small theaters still used film on small reels & two machines), working on my grandparents farm in Southern Iowa, landscaping work, office cleaning, waiter, manager & everything else that can be done in restaurants, managed a gas station & convenience store, ran a parcel delivery route & ran shifts at a large municipal parking garage that served office workers & special events & I also worked at a florist shop. I grew up between Southern Iowa & Independence, Missouri. I have also lived in San Francisco, Wildwood, New Jersey & Philadelphia. I moved to Gladbrook, Iowa the first of May. It is a truly rural setting. Population 900+. Many surrounding similar sized towns, all with corn & bean fields. 20 miles away we have a nice sized town of 27,000 which has a wonderful library with huge numbers of cozy mysteries. I have a sister & brother-in-law here & the other sister will be retiring in 3 years & moving here from Independence.
When you are not reading, what do you like to do?
After many, many years of 18 hour days, 7 days a week I enjoy stopping to smell the roses. I have several TV shows that I really enjoy following. Of course most of them involve solving murders & mysteries. I enjoy my Facebook friends, especially the cozy mystery authors & readers. I also follow many of their blogs. I enjoy my flowering plants that are currently outside but will be moving indoors for the winter. I have an indoor Thanksgiving Cactus & Christmas Cactus & plan on adding more. I have been know to have as many as 50 plants, vines & trees to find your way thru. As I settle in my new home, I hope to volunteer at our small library & movie theater here in town.



What is your favorite genre to read?  Are there other genres you read as well?
Cozy Mysteries are my favorite read. I have been reading since the early 60’s everything I could lay my hands on. I grew up on Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, Mary Roberts Rinehart, Phyllis Whitney, Zane Grey, Agatha Christie & of course, Nancy Drew, The Hardy boys, The Happy Hollisters, Trixie Beldon & The Dana Girls. Many of those the first publication dates & then I reread them in later publication dates. I have always read Danielle Steel & Judith Nothing Lasts ForeverKrantz & Sidney Sheldon. I devoured the books by Barbara Cartland (mostly because I loved the time period she wrote about). I also read all the paranormal/cozy mysteries books. When it comes to Thrillers, I love Dick & Felix Francis, horse racing in all its many forms is a wonderful adventure. I also read everything by Clive Cussler & Andy McDermott. I have read Science Fiction thru the years & still try to do some. Heinlein, Asimov, Anne McCaffrey & many from the Golden Age.  Clive Cussler New Adventure Series Novel Release The Emperor's Revenge
Do you review the books that you read?
Yes, I have been posting reviews on Goodreads & Amazon since shortly after I joined Facebook in 2014. I review every book I read.


Do you belong to any review groups?

I'Accepting submissions!'  I have just now started reviewing for Summer Prescott Book Publishing & J.R. Pearson’s Cozy Review Team. This is a new & exciting experience for me.


How many books do you think you have in your To-Be-Read pile?
I have 30+ in book form here at home & another 200+ on my Kindle of authors that I have been reading. There are over 1,000+ of books & authors that are on my Want To Read List.


Do you belong to any book clubs?
                          Not at this time!


Do you have a favorite time to read?
I like starting in the early evening & reading until midnight or later but anytime is good.

Are you a book reader or an e-reader reader?
I love both. I won a Kindle from Kathi Daley last summer & I am so thankful to have done so. So many books & authors are only available in e-book form, so my reading horizon has really broadened. I love my hardback & paperback books but after donating hundreds to the local libraries in places I have lived, I now try to borrow them from the library & post reviews. To make up for not buying them, I try to spread the word about them in every way I can.


How do you learn about new books being released?
I belong to several cozy groups on Facebook & I follow many, many authors. I read every post I can & tag books on Goodreads as Want To Read. I still follow my old library system in Independence. They cover several counties & have the entire catalog online, with a section for new books broken down by types. I follow their new mysteries & fiction additions by email. I also follow many blogs by authors & reviewers. I get updates from Goodreads & Amazon. I get emails from Cozy-Mystery.com. Danna has the most comprehensive & up-to-date site for Cozy Mysteries that I have found. Basically I leave no stone unturned!


Is there anything you’d like to say to the authors or fellow readers?
To the author’s, thanks for all the wonderful adventures you have provided me and keep them coming. To my fellow readers, never fail to spread your wings & try a new adventure with a new or old book. Life is too short, to not read everything you can!

16 thoughts on “Who’s That Reader

  1. I loved this interview, Doward and Mary. It was so great to learn more about you. Sounds like you have a green thumb. Your home and garden must be beautiful.

    You are one of the most dedicated cozy mystery supporters that I know. Thank you so much for your friendship and for your wonderful support.

  2. Mary, that was a delightful interview. Doward, your name pops up every day in the cozy community, and I so admire your dedication to books. I enjoyed learning about your varied job history. How nice that you can finally retire and enjoy the best life has to offer!

  3. I grew up with most of rthe authors you said. I like them all. I would add Cherry Ames, nusing series, the Rover Boys, Bobsy Twins and the favorite I learned to read with Tom and Jill. ” See Tom run.” I don’t have Facebook account or plan one in the future.

  4. I loved this interview and learning more about Doward Wilson. You’ve led an interesting life and I notice many of your early reads are favorites of mine as well. Enjoy your well earned retirement Doward, and many more years of reading.

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