Friday’s Question



There are so many books available to read today.  And all of those books have numerous fictional characters.  Today’s questions is who is your favorite one and why?



8 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. Oh man, that’s so hard as there are so many I love! While “The Secret Garden” is my favorite book, I think I’d have to say Miach from Lynn Kurland’s Nine Kingdoms series is my favorite. He’s an incredibly powerful archmage of the kingdom (and king by the end of the first trilogy), but he’s very humble and doesn’t use the extent of powers unless he really has to (e.g. to battle evil). He’s much more at home in a tunic and leggings than he is in royal finery. He’d rather go running or flying than sit around in Kingdom meetings. He’s kind and mostly benevolent but he doesn’t have any compulsions about meeting evil head on either. So yeah, I think I have to say if I can only pick one, he’s it.

  2. To hard to pick just one. Darcy from Heather Blakes Wishcraft Series, so I could make a wish.
    Sophie from Krista Davis The Domestic Goddess because she has an incredible house and would love a cooking lesson from her. Jane Steward from Ellery Adam’s The Book Retreat Mysteries so that I could go to the Book Retreat. Charlie and Diesel because I just love them from Miranda James’ Cat in the Stacks Mysteries, Merry from Victoria Hamilton’s Merry Muffin Mysteries for her castle and fashion sense, Sid from Leigh Perry’s A Skelton in the Family Series because I think he is pretty cool, Terrie Farley Moran’s -Sassy and Bridggy at the Read Em and Eat Cafe, Duffy Brown’s Evie on Mackinac Island with all the fudge, I may even learn to ride a bike with the Bike Path Mystery sires. Nola Mae in Cays Mill for the peaches from Susan Furlong’s Georgia Peach Series. But most of all Hanging out in book Town with Tricia and Angela for sure from Lorraine Barrett’s Book Town Mystery Series.

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