Friday’s Question



With so many great books available to read, I know many readers have a large to-be-read pile.  Today’s question is how large is yours?


15 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. Currently one! Though I do have 4 I bought at a yard sale about 3 years ago I have not bothered to read……

    • One? Oh, how disciplined you must be!

      I honestly don’t know how large my TBR list is now. I have scores of print books waiting to be read when I have time. I have 17 on my NetGalley Reading List. I have 837 more on my Goodreads’ Want to Read list, and I don’t even attempt to keep that one up to date. I have thousands of unread ebooks on my Kindles and on my share of Amazon’s Cloud — books I “bought” when they were free because they looked appealing, books I bought because they were on sale and I wanted to read them one day, and books that generous friends have given me because they were on my Wish List.

      Oh, and I just borrowed one from my local lending library. An online book discussion group is reading that one this month, and, since two other sets of book buddies had recommended it, I decided to make the time to read it!

      I really try to resist the lure of more books, just as I try to resist the temptation to buy more fabric or more yarn until I use up more of what I already have. I need more willpower!

      • Your’s sounds a lot more like mine, Sis. I couldn’t even count how many I have. I do know I have a book buying disease and there doesn’t seem to be any cure!!!!!!

  2. I have pages and pages of books that I have bought on my Kindle and I just added another today. And many books on my book shelves that I want to reread. I also have books on my TBR list on Goodreads.

  3. Because of fear a book that really intrigued me will get lost in the shuffle, my tbr pile stays fairly low. I like to have at least half a dozen on hand, and that may swell to 10 or 12 when there is a killer sale. Being burnt too often, unless a book by an author I haven’t tried is very reasonable, I won’t spend money on a newbie but stick to those who have been highly recommended or tried and true.

  4. I have been working on the TBR pile trying to shrink it some but the problem with that is there are new books that are coming out that I have added. I would say that for cozy mysteries I have a physcial pile of about 75 books (both new and used) and I would say maybe 1/2 that in ebooks on my tablet to read.

  5. I have no idea how many I have 32 on NetGalley to read. I keep forgetting books that I brought to read. Found one today that I brought, a must reader. It is still unread. Goodreads say I have marked over 1428 books to read. That is not all. I only mark Goodreads when I remember to mark by seeing the book.

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