Review of Murder By The Bay



Welcome to Blossom Bay, a cozy east coast town with a colorful set of characters that you will fall in love with. The Blossom Bay Short Series is a series of short stories based on the characters of Blossom Bay. Some of the short stories will be mystery, some will be romance, while others will be woman’s fiction. One thing is for sure, each short story with have the fun and charm of the Tonya Kappes novels you are use to reading.

Murder By The Bay

Julia France has had a reoccurring dream of the same house for years. On her way to meet up with a group of friends for a get-away weekend, the dream house appeared right before her eyes. Lucky her! The house was not only a bed and breakfast for the quaint community, it was for sale! Julia knew it had to be fate and bought the house.

Blossom Bay Inn is open for business and Julia’s dream come true has come to a halt when someone is found dead at the Inn. Is Julia’s dream over before it even started? (Goodreads)


I think that Tonya Kappes could write the phone book and I would enjoy reading it.  She is such a great author and I have not read one thing by her that I have not enjoyed.  This short story is no exception.  

Murder By The bay is the first short story in the Blossom Bay Short Series and it has everything you would look for in a story.  The characters were developed and seemed realistic and i enjoyed getting to meet them.  The mystery is carried on well throughout the story and I liked how it was solved.  After reading this story, I am looking forward to reading more in the Short Series.  Check this one out and all of the many books that this author has written, you will not be disappointed.  


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