Friday’s Question

There are so many different books and series available for us to read.  No one person can read all of them and it is easy to miss some great series.  Today’s question is what series do you wish others knew about?



4 thoughts on “Friday’s Question

  1. JD Nixon’s two series, Heller and Little Town (Don’t like the second name but love the series!!!!)
    Shelly Fredman’s Brandy Alexander, No Such Thing as a…..!!!!!
    Teresa Reasor’s SEAL Team Heartbreakers
    Ritter Ames, Organized Mystery series and Bodies of Art
    Jennifer L. Hart. The Laundry Hag. Damaged Goods (only three books but I LOVED it), Southern Pasta Shop, also limited, and the new series Sleuthing for a Living. What fun.
    Shelby Nichols!!!!! by Colleen Helme!!!
    Julie Moffat’s Lexi Carmichael
    I love many many more but these are the books that I want to shout about!

    • Wow, these are all series that I have never heard of. That’s quite a list and I hope some other readers check them out like I plan to do. Thanks so much for the suggestions.

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