New Releases For Week Of October 9th Part 2


Here is a list of some of the new releases for the week of October 9th, 2016.  Since there are so many releases this week, I posted half yesterday and the rest today.  Hope you find some selections for your weekly reading.  Enjoy and happy reading.



28220795In this thrilling new novel in the New York Times bestselling series, Lady Emily travels to Greece where a ghost from her past returns to haunt her amid the ruins.

Lady Emily retreats to her villa on the island of Santorini for a brief respite from London. But when she arrives, the housekeeper informs her that the master of the house has returned—Emily’s first husband who died a decade earlier…(Goodreads)



28220796Amory and Milo Ames “channel Nick and Nora Charles” (Booklist) in the latest installment in this Edgar-nominated charming traditional mystery series set in 1930s England.

Amory and Milo Ames are drawn into the investigation of a years-old murder by a salacious novelist in the English countryside in the latest installment in this “smart and sophisticated” (Library Reads) series from a bright new voice in traditional mysteries.

With two murder investigations behind them and their marriage at last on steady ground, Amory and Milo plan to quietly winter in Italy. The couple find their plans derailed when Amory receives an urgent summons from her cousin Laurel to the English countryside. At Lyonsgate, the country house of Laurel’s friend Redinald Lyons, Amory and Milo are surprised to discover an eccentric and distinguished group of guests have been invited, led by notorious socialite Isobel Van Allen.

Isobel has returned to England after years of social exile to write a sequel to her scandalous first book, the thinly-fictionalized account of a high-society murder at the very country house the Ameses have been called to. Her second incriminating volume, she warns the house’s occupants—all of whom were present when one of their companions was killed years ago—will tell everything that really happened that fateful night. But some bones are meant to stay buried, and when a desperate person turns to murder, it’s up to Amory and Milo to sort through a web of scandal and lies to uncover the truth, and the identity of a killer. (Goodreads)



28592958Liz McCall grew up in a playful winter wonderland but it was never her dream to manage her father’s vintage toyshop. However, after he sank his entire police pension into the business, someone needed to help him turn his dreams into reality—and keep him from sneaking off to patrol the not-so-mean streets of East Aurora, NY.

The mood goes from nice to naughty when a nervous man, who was trying to have his antique toys appraised, is found in the shop with a lawn dart through his chest. Suddenly, Liz’s business plan is plunged into deep freeze, while she and her father find themselves toying with a cold-blooded killer who’s playing for keeps.

Now, it looks like Christmas might be cancelled for the neighborhood kids if Liz can’t wrap up the case in Barbara Early’s delightful debut Death of a Toy Soldier.  (Goodreads)



30522503In the sleepy college town of Copper Bluff, South Dakota, English professor Emmeline Prather is enjoying the start of a new semester. But when one of her students dies working on the fall musical, it disrupts life on the small, quiet campus. Although the police rule the death accidental, Prof. Prather has good reason to suspect foul play.

Unmasking the murderer proves much more challenging than finding dangling participles, so Em recruits fellow English professor Lenny Jenkins for assistance. Together, they comb the campus and vicinity for clues, risking their reputations and possibly their jobs. After an intruder breaks into Em’s house, Lenny advises caution—and perhaps a change of address. Em, on the other hand, is all the more determined to forge ahead, convinced they’re on the brink of an important breakthrough.

Book 1 in a new cozy mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Professor Prather. (Goodreads)




“Filled with twists and turns, action, art heists, and plenty of chemistry between the very handsome Jack Hawkes and daring narrator Laurel Beacham…rich descriptions and a discriminating tone of detail…Abstract Aliases continues an excellent collection from Ritter Ames.” – Girl with Book Lungs

Abstract clues lead to new questions. New leads turn to “dead” ends. A heist plot ties to forgeries. Adversaries resurface twisting an already complicated case. And art recovery expert Laurel Beacham must not only outwit criminals, but keep her wits around Jack Hawkes’s cheeky ego.

Before the criminals they were tracking headed underground, evidence pointed toward two organizations as key to an epic art heist. Despite their best efforts, Laurel and her team haven’t caught a break in months—even Jack’s unofficial intel stuttered to a halt. But on New Year’s, as Big Ben’s bell tolls midnight, the guilty return and nowhere is safe. A source in Rome is killed within hours. Other allies are attacked in Rome and London, and a contact in Germany reports dangerous shadows closing in. The nearer the answers, the higher the stakes. Worse, Jack may not be the only one Laurel must learn to trust to avoid another brush with death.

Related subjects include: women sleuths, cozy mysteries, amateur sleuth books, murder mysteries, whodunit mysteries (whodunnit), book club recommendations.  (Goodreads)



Scared Money (Savannah Martin Mysteries Book 13) by [Bennett, Jenna]When Savannah’s real estate company, Lamont, Briggs, and Associates, finds itself embroiled in a closing scam, broker Timothy Briggs asks Savannah’s help in figuring out what happened and who’s behind it.

The task is a welcome distraction for Savannah, whose private life is rocky. Carmen Arroyo is in prison in Nashville, nine months pregnant, and no one knows whether the baby is Rafe’s or not. And while Rafe doesn’t seem too worried about it, Savannah can’t say the same.

Meanwhile, down in Sweetwater, Savannah’s mother Margaret Anne is hitting the brandy while trying to come to terms with her late husband’s love child and her best friend’s thirty-four year silence on the subject.

Between one thing and another, it’s all Savannah can do to keep everything moving along smoothly. The very last thing she needs is someone rocking the boat… (Goodreads)



31164220Terry Davenport is new to the job as Walkerville’s chief of police, but he takes his position seriously – even though very few things of note happen in the small hamlet. Walkerville may be boring, but Terry’s personal life is anything but.
When termites infest his house, Terry has no choice but to check into a local inn while his home is being tented. He chooses the Winchesters’ bed and breakfast, of course, and he’s hoping for good food and a modicum of entertainment from the young girls he loves so much.
Instead of relaxation, though, Terry finds himself in the thick of things when teenagers Bay, Clove and Thistle inform him that they’re sure some of the new guests at the inn are up to something nefarious. Terry thinks they’re jumping to the wrong conclusion, but he finds their endeavors to suss out the truth entertaining – even as Tillie Winchester eggs them on and makes things worse.
Unfortunately for Terry, it looks as if two scam artists are making their way to Walkerville and – surprise, surprise – the girls might be right after all. It’s up to Terry to find out the truth … and keep the people he cares about safe.

Note: This is a 27,000-word short set in the Wicked Witches of the Midwest world. It’s set back in time so it can be read at any point in the timeline. (Goodreads)



32180980Cumbria is underwater again, and PC Kathy Stone faces looting in the village. A suspect is soon identified, to DS Ian Mann’s delight, but Kathy has her doubts. And she’s far from sure about her sister’s new boyfriend, either, although she’d be sacked if she used police resources to investigate him. Owen Irvine is reluctant to get involved, but his unofficial enquiries suggest that Kathy is right, and that Darren Capstick is mixed up with something sinister. But how can visiting endless Lakeland hotels possibly be connected with the most depraved criminality? (Goodreads)



31192129Aunt Bessie knows she’s in for a long evening when she joins her friends to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

In Elizabeth Cubbon’s experience, New Year’s Eve parties are never as fun as they ought to be. When she’s invited to share the night with her new neighbours at Thie yn Traie, she reluctantly agrees, in spite of her misgivings.

Aunt Bessie knows that gorgeous redhead, Gennifer Carter-Maxwell is drunk and slightly out of control.

But when Gennifer starts flirting with Hugh Watterson, the young police constable who is Bessie’s friend, Gennifer manages to upset Hugh’s girlfriend, Grace. By the time midnight arrives, Bessie is more than ready to head for home, but first she agrees to join in the search for the now missing Gennifer.

Aunt Bessie knows that Hugh Watterson didn’t kill anyone.

And she’s certain that his supervisor, John Rockwell, knows it too. Unfortunately, it’s Inspector Anna Lambert heading up this particular investigation. As evidence against Hugh seems to be piling up fast, Bessie knows she’s going to have to do some detective work of her own.

This is book eleven in the Isle of Man Cozy Mystery Series. (Goodreads)



31453896Graciela Harper is starting to realize that life would not be the same in Heron Creek without at least one mystery dogging her heels, and with her father’s family secrets slowly coming to light, she’s certainly not short on them.

What she doesn’t count on is the revelation – both from her old outlaw friend Clete Raynard and the Heron Creep PD – that someone is out to get her, in more ways than one.

When a quite personal ghost shows up as well, Gracie knows that she’s got her hands full. She also knows that until she solves one or all of the mysteries on her plate, no one in Heron Creek – including the people she loves the most – will be able to move on with their lives.

What’s left of them. (Goodreads)


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  1. ABSTRACT ALIASES is on my reading list. When Tasha Alexander first came out she was on my must read list. Then she made movies and didn’t write books. I lost track of her so her new books are on my TBR list

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